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At Linquix, we transcend language. Our job is to remove language barriers to communication at your company so that you can focus on succeeding. We do this by providing customized on-site and web-based language courses for corporations and other organizations.

Our method: The Visual Link Speaking Method has been continually perfected and time tested by a team of linguists since 1996. This method simplifies important language components into an easy to use method for learning to speak, understand, read, and write a language.

Customization: Each corporation or organization has specific needs for customized content and a tailored approach based on the situations, vocabulary, and dynamics around its employees. Our team excels at tailoring the right solution and content for each client’s success.

Our Language Training Options

On-site customized language courses

We come to your site to train and coach the participants to the desired proficiency level. We achieve this by building all instruction around specific principles that have been time tested and proven to work. We measure our own success and yours by these principles. There are 6 levels available. To learn more, [let’s talk] (link to contact form)

Intensive language & cultural immersion courses

We build highly customized language learning experiences for our corporate clients, where we either create or take you to an environment where you’re immersed in the target language and your skills can be stretched and developed rapidly. The first step in this process is for us to talk about specifically what you’re looking to accomplish and experience. Contact us to explore this option more.

Live web-based language courses

If you’re looking for the convenience of a language course without leaving your desk, our live web courses are delivered through our web-conferencing system. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a microphone. This approach is ideal for busy professionals, groups that are spread out geographically, and those who prefer the ease and media richness of virtual training. To explore whether this is the best option for your organization, let’s talk.

Proficiency assessment

Our method for assessing English and Spanish proficiency is not only used to effectively measure learner progress, it’s also utilized by corporations in their hiring and other HR processes.

Get Started with Linquix

  • Do you or your associates need to learn to speak another language?
  • Do you have associates that need to learn or improve their English skills?
  • Do you need to assess your proficiency in a language?
  • "The outcomes of this training are already being felt in our organization...participants are utilizing the training in their day to day communications with our facilities in Mexico."

Our Simple Process:

Proficiency Assessment

We assess the proficiency level of each individual participant including: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Our most utilized service is our Oral Proficiency Interview which measures the individual’s ability to speak and comprehend the target language. These can be conducted in person or by telephone.
Once we know the proficiency level of each of the individuals, we can then use this strategically to design the right training program for your organization.

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Choose Your Schedule

For each of the training options that require a schedule, we then can determine together the right schedule that will work best for your organization. We know you’re busy. For each client we customize a schedule and outline a plan that will work best for you.

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Measure Results

We know that showing measurable results is important to your organization. We use our assessment methods to measure progress between launch and completion of our courses. These results are then given to you in both a summarized and per-participant view.
To start this process, or just to consult with us, give us a call or contact-us

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Proficiency Assessment

Now it’s time to determine the right solution(s) for what you want and need to accomplish. We will walk through each of the keys to successful language learning as well as the common pitfalls that organizations run into. Through this process we will be able to design the right program for you and your team, and lay the foundation for a high level of success and results.

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Now we launch the plan and follow through on our commitment to help you reach your goals.

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What our clients are saying

  • "Linquix has been very successful in delivering solutions that include online learning material coupled with very capable language experts delivering in-person instruction.” “It has been nice having a training partner that takes the time to both understand our diverse business needs and to accommodate our training requirements. I enthusiastically recommend Linquix for Spanish language instruction.

  • "Our warehouse operations identified the need to improve our communication with our Spanish- speaking warehouse associates.” “In all four years since, our associates and managers have enjoyed and benefitted from the courses” “We have also found that most of the associates who participate in the training have stayed with our company, with some advancing to positions of higher responsibility and compensation.

  • "The outcomes of this training are already being felt in the organization. Many of the participants are utilizing the training in their day to day communications with our facilities in Mexico." - Global Director of Training & Leadership Development, Manufacturing

  • "As a large local government agency, we identified English skills as a priority learning goal for our Facilities staff in 2009." "We recently contracted with Linquix to provide English as a Second Language instruction for our staff," and " without reservation I can highly recommend Linquix."

  • "As a former language teacher, I was careful about which company I would recommend we use for our training needs. Linquix’s emphasis on oral proficiency was one of the tenets of the program that was particularly attractive to me." "If you are considering foreign language training for your employees, I highly recommend Linquix."

  • "When we started the training I thought we would learn words and phrases the would help us, but we’ve gained the ability to speak, comprehend, and read the language to a level that has exceeded our original expectations." "With confidence I recommend Linquix, their unique approach, and their team to any organization that needs to improve communication, productivity, safety, and employee relations through becoming more multilingual."

  • "We found the system used for teaching to be very unique; it was simple, fun, and clear. We were particularly pleased with our immediate results; we started speaking Spanish right from day one."

  • "The above standard professionalism with which Linquix has delivered their service, sets them apart from other organizations available providing a similar service." "Linquix has provided an effective solution to our communication barriers that exceeded our expectations."

  • "Many of our patients are Spanish speaking. Therefore, it has been imperative for our employees to learn the basics of the Spanish language. Linquix was very helpful in providing a tailor-made program for us. They customized a training program around basic medical terminology. I have been very impressed with their curriculum, software program, and instructors."

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